Performance Transmissions of Murfreesboro, TN
Murfreesboro, TN

Example of aTypical Transmission Problem

Ever wonder about the magic of your vehicle’s transmission? Take a look at what it takes to bring your transmission back to it’s factory fresh condition.

Transmissions are a wonderful thing until they break. This is an example of what we see when a transmission breaks. This transmission is from a 02 Toyota Tundra that started shifting badly and making noise. During inspection we removed the pan and found large amounts of metal in the pan.

The following picture shows the pan at the low point of the transmission. This is where the fluid returns to and is also when the filter is found.
Below is the inside of the pan. Notice that the magnets (used to keep any metal filings that may have shaved off from recirculating) are so full of metal that they run off to the bottom of the pan.
In the next picture, you can see the filter bolted to the valve body. The filter is plugged with debris.
The transmission has been removed from the truck and is on the work bench. With the filter and valve body removed you can see that the metal has spread all over the inside of the transmission. This will have to be cleaned out.
Next is the front planetary gear that failed. Notice the ground up teeth.
Next is the ring gear the planet rides in.
This is the pump for the transmission after disassembly. The gears have scratches from the debris pumping through them causing lost pressure. The gears will be replaced.
The next pictures are the cleaned unit during it assembly.


If you’re worried about your vehicles transmission, bring it in so we can help prevent this type of issue.